Ace your video interview: 5 key tips

According to a survey conducted by the firm CCLD, 87% of candidates would be ready to be recruited through a video interview.

Here are our 5 tips for preparing well and having a successful videoconference interview:

1: Opt for a neutral place

The environment you choose is important and can reflect negatively on the recruiter, for example if there is clutter. It is best to choose a quiet and bright place.

2: Test your equipment 📡

It is important to make sure that everything works, do some tests beforehand by checking the camera, the sound, the video tool (Zoom, Teams, Skype, etc.) and the internet connection. You need to be able to send and receive files, mute the mic or speakers, share your screen (to show creations or projects), and end the call.

3: Stay professional 💼

Even if the interview is done remotely, you must put yourself in the condition of a classic interview: suitable clothing and a notebook at hand. Also watch your posture and language. Finally, keep your CV and cover letter at your fingertips in case you are asked for them.

4: Adopt a positive attitude 🤸

Keep smiling and be dynamic to arouse the interest of the recruiter. Do not hesitate to nod your head in approval when something is explained to you without exaggerating your gestures. Finally, concentrate and slow down your speech if you tend to speak quickly.

5: Take care of your exit 👋

Ask questions about the rest of the recruitment process (return date, next interview, etc.). Don’t forget to confirm your interest in the position and send a thank you email!

And as with any interview…

✅ Inquire and show your interest

It is essential to find out about the company and more specifically about the desired position. This information will allow you to ask relevant questions to prove your involvement. The recruiter will feel invested and the exchange will be more pleasant.

✅ Anticipate questions to prepare your answers

Some are classic interviews: “Where do you see yourself in five years? », « What are your qualities and your faults? “. Prepare your answers in advance and summarize them on a sheet that you will keep close to you.

Clearly, act as for a classic interview, with a positive and professional attitude, while taking into account the technical and logistical parameters of the videoconference.

You have all the cards in hand to succeed in your job interview by videoconference, good luck!