ATS: what is it and why include one in your recruitment strategy?

Long reserved for large companies, ATS (for Applicant Tracking System) have become commonplace in HR departments of all sizes. 46% of recruiters have now integrated them into their HR tools to improve their processes (2019 RegionJob survey).

What is an ATS?

An ATS is a digital tool dedicated to managing applications and monitoring the candidate process. Concretely, it is a platform that centralizes the applications received via different channels, and makes it possible to visualize for each open position at which stage of the process each candidate is located.

From a certain volume of recruitments, an ATS becomes a must in the HR toolbox so as not to lose track and collaborate easily.

Why integrate an ATS into your recruitment strategy?

1: Multi-post ads ✌️

This is one of the key features of ATS: create a job offer once and distribute it to many partner job sites with a single click. This is called multicasting or multi-posting. Note that the job boards available vary from one ATS to another depending on the partnerships established.

2: Centralize applications 📁

Whether your candidates come from social networks, your career site or job boards, an ATS will bring them together in one place. In particular, you can choose to redirect them to a single application process, in your colors, to offer an optimized experience.

3: Follow your processes 🔎

No more lost applications! An ATS makes it possible to visualize them within the “recruitment tunnel”. At any time, you know if a candidate has been contacted, met or rejected. Following its processes also means giving visibility to all stakeholders! This is why ATS integrate many interaction possibilities at each stage of the journey (appointment, notification, chat).

4: Assess applications 🏆

A standard ATS offers the ability to sort, comment on and rate the applications received. On more advanced versions, and depending on your needs, you can customize these evaluation criteria and invite your team members to participate.

5: Manage your recruitment strategy 🎯

The ATS offer very useful tracking tools to measure the results of your actions: number of applications per ad, abandonment during the course, the most effective distribution channel… These statistics will allow you to manage your recruitment strategy, and to optimize if necessary.

An ATS is therefore a great HR tool for organizing, measuring and accelerating your recruitment strategy. Depending on your needs, you may not use all the features available. Indeed, according to an Apec survey, the most used service is the collection of applications, then the monitoring of processes and the sorting of applications.

The features most used by recruiters on ATS.

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